British Director Julian Gilbey Lined up to Direct 'Offworld'

Sci-fi safari movie to be produced by U.S. producer Lloyd Levin.

LONDON – British director Julian Gilbey is in line to direct Offworld, a sci-fi safari movie set on an alien planet, produced by Lloyd Levin.

Levin is hiring Gilbey as the Brit director’s thriller A Lonely Place To Die, starring Melissa George and Ed Speleers hit U.K. movie theaters last week.

Levin’s resume boasts Watchmen, Boogie Nights and United 93.

Offworld has been penned by David Leslie Johnson (Clash of the Titans 2).

Teaming with Levin and Johnson is a breakaway of sorts for Gilbey who coralled his brother Will Gilbey to script his previous directorial outings, Rise of the Footsoldier and Rollin’ With The Nines as well as A Lonely Place To Die.

Gilbey is repped by Matthew Hobbs at film production and talent management company Firefly.

Firefly is headed by Hobbs and Speleers.