British directors prep lobbying body

Directors U.K. will launch next week

LONDON -- Britain's top film and television directors will formally unveil new campaigning and fee collecting body Directors U.K. on June 12 at a launch hosted by Paul Greengrass and Charles Sturridge.

The body will be chaired by Sturridge and includes such luminaries as Simon Curtis, Roger Michell and Peter Kosminsky among its board members.

It aims to lobby on behalf of directors' interests at a time when the entertainment business faces the complexity of dozens of new platforms and outlets including online, new media and on-demand.

Directors U.K. will effectively replace the old Directors and Producers Rights Society, and hopes to represent about 3,000 British directors as a lobbying force for collective negotiations as well as a collecting house for fees.

"It is about being a voice in the industry and saying we are the creative force in any production," a spokeswoman said. "There was a feeling that directors were not being represented in the way they wanted."