British Distributor of Lars Von Trier's 'Melancholia' to Go Ahead With Release Plans


Artificial Eye says it will release movie in September as planned.

LONDON -- Lars Von Trier may be persona non grata with the Festival de Cannes, but his film Melancholia won't have the same status in the U.K.

Unlike the movie's Argentinian distributor dropping it from its schedule, British indie arthouse giant Artificial Eye has no plans to do so.

The U.K. distributor, which also incorporates a chain of high end boutique cinemas, said in statement it is still planning a September release. "Artificial Eye still plan to release Melancholia on the 30th September, and we are looking forward to bringing this extraordinary film to U.K. audiences then."

Von Trier upset his apple cart with a tour de force performance of craziness declaring himself a Nazi and expressing sympathy for Hitler.

Von Trier has since apologized for the remarks, claiming he was provoked by journalists.

But on Thursday, the Cannes Festival's board of directors held a meeting and voted to ban von Trier from the festival.