British Film Institute Pledges Transitional Funds to Support U.K. Movie Exports

Support for Brit trips to Sundance and Cannes 2012 also on the cards.

LONDON – The British Film Institute (BFI) has pledged further funds to support the export of British films.

A BFI spokesperson told THR that Film Export U.K. already get £70,000 ($110,000) to support British efforts abroad, aiming to ensure a strong British presence at Hong Kong Filmart in April and the European Film Market in Berlin in February.

But the BFI said it also is granting an undisclosed sum to help bolster Brits at market  in Sundance and Cannes in 2012.

The BFI said it was “ensuring funds are immediately available to promote British film and talent internationally.”

The BFI is also backing the Film London Production Finance Market, held annually during the BFI London Film Festival.

BFI CEO Amanda Nevill said: “This is a powerful moment for the British film industry and I want to congratulate our British film talent who are excelling on the world’s stage. Ahead of us we have major international markets and the awards seasons and it is crucially important that the BFI supports the industry now in this transitional period.

"Going forward we will be developing an international strategy as one of the key priorities in the BFI’s five year Forward Plan for Film, which launches next year, informed by the recommendations from the Review of Film Policy. It’s enormously exciting that the BFI will spearhead this new phase for British film around the world.”

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