British Film Institute Dishes Out First Transition Funding

Edinburgh Film Fest and British Independent Film Awards secure cash.

LONDON – The British Film Institute’s Transition Fund is dishing out just under £900,000 ($1.4 million) across 37 British events and projects in its inaugural cash drop.

Cash recipients in this round of funding include the Edinburgh International Film Festival, the British Independent Film Awards and the Sheffield International Documentary Film Festival.

The £2 million ($3.4 million) Transition fund for audience development, was set up by the BFI to support the industry in the wake of swinging cuts to the U.K. film landscape announced by the government last year.

The first round of projects to be funded “all demonstrated that their funding for core activities has been significantly reduced or withdrawn for the financial year 2011-12”, according to the BFI.

The BIFAs received £52,718 while the EIFF grabbed £17,000 through a fast-track assessment process last month. Watershed Bristol, a media center in England, secured £67,500, the second highest single award to date after the £77,452 snaffled by organizers of the  Sheffield International Documentary Film Festival.

The next round of projects to be awarded transition funding will be revealed by the BFI before the end of July.

The Transition Fund, which derived from previously unallocated money, was established to assist U.K. film bodies feeling the pain of a 50 percent reduction in grant-in-aid funding suffered by the UKFC shortly before it was merged with the BFI, an Arts Council England funding reduction and local councils tightening their arts spending.

A full list of projects awarded cash by the Transition Fund follows:

AV Festival – £20,000

BIFAs/British Independent Film Awards – £ 52,718

Birmingham International Film Society – £8,000

Borderlines Film Festival – £11,025

British Federation of Film Societies – £46,350

Canterbury Anifest – £2,790

Chichester International Film Festival – £3,500

Cornerhouse Manchester – £18,000

Edinburgh International Film Festival – £19,620

Encounters Bristol International Film Festival – £50,000

Fashion in Film – £17,559

FilmClub – £141,000

Flicks in the Sticks – £6,210

Glasgow Film Theatre – £7,182

ICA, London – £23,100

Kendal Mountain Festival – £19,350

Leeds Film – £35,000

Light House, Wolverhampton – £12,124

London Metropolitan Archives – £19,000

London Short Film Festival – £1,800

Assembly Rooms Ludlow – £4,100

mac Birmingham – £8,700

National Media Museum – £38,700

ONEDOTZERO – £15,890

PBQ – £20,000

Phoenix Square, Leicester – £ 9,000

Portland Green Cultural Projects – £14,361

Queen’s Film Theatre, Belfast – £20,000

The Sensoria Festival – £9,980

Sheffield International Documentary Festival – £ 77,452

Showroom Cinema, Sheffield – £ 9,900

Southend-on-Sea Film Festival – £20,000

Strode Theatre, Somerset – £ 17,227

Tricycle Theatre, London – £10,134

Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle – £ 22,275

Watershed, Bristol – £67,500 – £9,000

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