British Pop Star Gary Glitter Released on Bail

Gary Glitter London - P 2012
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Gary Glitter London - P 2012

London police had detained him Sunday as part of the Jimmy Savile sexual abuse probe that has rocked the BBC.

LONDON - Former British pop star Gary Glitter was released on bail and returned to his home Monday following his Sunday morning arrest as part of a police probe related to the Jimmy Savile sex abuse allegations.

The Independent reported Monday night that Glitter was expected to return to a police station in mid-December.

Glitter, 68, was the first person to be arrested by London police investigating allegations of sexual abuse by late former BBC host Savile and others. Police didn't say what suspicions or allegations Glitter was asked about.

The Independent said police interviewed him in Central London for nine hours.

Glitter's most famous song is "Rock'n Roll Part 2," which is often played at sports events.

Since the Savile sex abuse allegations became a topic in September, about

300 people have complained to the London Metropolitan Police, also known as Scotland Yard, that they were sexually abused by him or associates. Many back then were under-age females.


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