British Royal Family’s Historic Nazi Links to Be Explored In New Doc

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Channel 4's 'Prince Philip: The Plot to Make a King' lands amid a storm over photos showing the Queen performing a Nazi salute as a child.

Just when the British royal family was hoping to put a lid on any talk over its historic links to Nazism, U.K. broadcaster Channel 4 is set to dig them up.

According to Channel 4 Prince Philip: The Plot to Make a King — due to be shown July 20 — will reveal the "inside story of the dynastic tensions that were unleashed when the Queen fell in love with Prince Philip."

At the center of the program is Philip’s connections with the Nazi Party in pre-WWII Germany, particularly an interview with his nephew Prince Rainer von Hessen, who shares the unpublished memoirs of his mother, Philip’s sister. In them she is said to discuss a private lunch with Adolf Hitler and her admiration for the Nazi leader, reportedly describing him as "impressive" and a "charming and seemingly modest man."

Three of Philip’s four sisters were married to Nazi officers. None of them were present at his wedding to the future Queen Elizabeth in 1947 due to their fascist links. Photos from the 1937 funeral of one sister, to feature in the documentary, show Philip as a teenager surrounded by German officers, some giving the Nazi salute.

The documentary lands at the time of contention surrounded the royal family’s possible connections with German fascism. On Friday, The Sun newspaper published photos taken from a 1933 film clip of the Queen, the Queen Mother and the future King Edward VIII performing the Nazi salute.

Buckingham Palace has since said it has launched an investigation as to how the 17-second black and white clip was leaked to the paper.