British Boy Excluded From School Activities After Dressing Up as Christian Grey

Courtesy of Universal

A school in Manchester found the 11-year-old's costume on World Book Day "offensive" and kept him from being part of a class photo and other activities.

Amid the red-and-white striped Waldo sweaters, Harry Potter glasses and all-powerful Hobbitses rings, there was one outfit that stood out among the World Book Day costumes at a U.K. school on Thursday.

According to the BBC, 11-year-old Liam Scholes was excluded from celebrations and photographs at Sale High School in Manchester, one of many British schools inviting children to come dressed as characters from books, after he turned up as Christian Grey.

"He wore a grey suit, white-and-gray tie," Scholes' mother told BBC radio Friday morning. "And he had an eye mask and two very small cable ties in his pocked as props."

Although she claimed that fellow students found it amusing and that it was meant to be tongue-in-cheek, Nicola Scholes said the school told her son — whom she admits hasn't read Fifty Shades of Grey or seen the film — that his outfit was "offensive."

"They told him he had to change his character — that he had to be James Bond, who is actually very promiscuous and kills people," she added.

Scholes also pointed out to the BBC and on Twitter there had been several permitted costumes she thought were less appropriate, including a teacher who had come dressed as a serial killer.