British Sitcom Team Marks & Gran Sign Joint Venture with Corona TV

'Birds of a Feather'

The TV writing duo behind ITV hit 'Birds of a Feather' will develop original scripted programming with the London-based production company.

Famed Brit sitcom duo Marks & Gran have signed a joint venture deal with production group Corona TV to develop original scripted programming.

The new venture, Locomo TV, will have a first-look deal with production and distribution giant FremantleMedia. Fremantle have an equity stake in Corona and hold the rights to much of Marks & Gran's back catalogue through their acquisition of SelecTV in 1996.

Though not well-known outside of Britain, writers Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran have created several hit series, including Holding The Fort, Shine on Harvey Moon and long-running sitcom Birds of a Feather. ITV recently re-launched Birds of the Feather in 2014, after a 15-year hiatus, and the series was a huge hit, scoring more than 12 million viewers. ITV has renewed the show for a 12th season. 

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