Britney Spears Turns 30: Her Top 10 Most-Watched Videos

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

From "Toxic" to "Circus" and "Womanizer", the singer, who turned 30 years old Dec. 2, has had her share of hits over the last decade.

Pop princess Britney Spears turned 30 years old Friday, Dec. 2, and with over a decade in the business under her belt, she's amassed quite a few hits over the years. 

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In honor of her big day, The Hollywood Reporter counts down her 10 top-viewed music videos on YouTube. 

10. "Break The Ice" 
Released in 2008, the video for this song off of her fifth studio album, Blackout, has over 34 million views on YouTube. 

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9. "Piece Of Me"
Also from Blackout, Spears' telling empowered ode to the paparazzi who stalk her has had over 36 million views since it was released in 2007.

8. "Toxic" 
This song earned Spears her first and only Grammy for Best Dance Recording in 2005. Off of her fourth album, In the Zone, the video has over 50 million YouTube views.

7. "Baby One More Time"
The pop star's first single off of her debut album made waves when it was released in 1999 (it's one of the top-selling single of all time), but it was the video, featuring Spears as a sexy and not-that-innocent schoolgirl that really got the world's attention. It's been viewed over 54 million times. 

6. "I Wanna Go"
From her most recent Femme Fatale album, the video has been watched more than 67 million times since its June 22 release. It features the singer again fighting back against the paparazzi. 

5. "Hold It Against Me"
Also off of her current album, the seventh studio offering, the video has already garnered nearly 70 million clicks since it was released Feb. 17 and centers  around her favorite social topic, the intense spotlight she's constantly under. 

4. "Gimme More"
Made just a short time before her court-mandated hospitalization, reports about Spears' fractured state of mind while filming this 2007 video (which has been viewed over 70 million times), in which she dances on a stripper pole wearing ripped fishnets, ran rampant.

3. "Circus"
The video for the title track off of her sixth studio album features Spears as the ringmaster of her life ... which is a circus. The single was released on the singer's birthday in 2008, and the fantastical clip has been watched over 75 million times. 

2. "Till The World Ends" 
"The set was a little much," Spears said of making the video for the second single from Femme Fatale (written by fellow pop star Ke$ha). "It was grimy and gross and it felt like there was poop everywhere when there wasn't." But, suffering for her art paid off, at No. 2 on her YouTube, it has 80 million views.

1. "Womanizer" 
The song, from Circus, garnered Spears a Grammy nomination in 2010 (she lost to Lady Gaga's "Poker Face"), the video, which has over 88 million views, was meant to be a sequel to "Toxic." The pop star once again donned many different wigs and disguises, but this time, instead of being on the run, she's doing the following.