Britney Spears' 'Hold It Against Me' Video Criticized for Too Many Product Tie-Ins

Featuring Sony flat-screens, bottles of her own perfume and shots of a dating Web site, the singer’s latest offering is practically an “infomercial,” snipes one critic.

It’s been less than 24 hours since Britney Spears released her video for “Hold It Against Me” and the world is weighing in.

Critics are complaining that the clip, which has so far racked up nearly 700,000 views on her official You Tube channel, has too many product tie-ins.

Time magazine’s Megan Gibson notes: “we get that it's hard economic times all around, but couldn't they have been a tad more subtle with the product placement?”

“From prolonged shots of Sony flat-screens, to the dating site, to Brit's own perfume, the bombardment of product shots is borderline insulting,” she continued.

Similarly, popular tech blog Mashable wrote: “It’s not just the constant placement of Sony TVs, but it’s also the brief flashes of Sony’s logo that make this video feel like some form of botched subliminal advertising,” the blog’s Ben Parr observed.

Liz Kelly at the Washington Post went a step further, calling the video an “infomercial.”

“I would write more, but suddenly feel the need to put on some Make Up Forever and dash out to buy a Sony flat screen TV,” she snipped Friday.

Overseas, reaction has also been mixed (though fans seem to love the video).

The Daily Mail’s Andrea Magrath noted how Spears seems to have taken fashion cues from a popular English reality television show for her new video.

“It seems as though Britney Spears may have looked to British shores for inspiration for her latest offering “Hold It Against Me,” appearing in an over-the-top wedding dress that wouldn't look out of place on the hit UK show Big Fat Gypsy Weddings.”

Meanwhile, the French were more impressed. Paris newspaper Le Parisien simply noted (rough translation): “Like a meteorite, she crosses the room to come crashing down on planet Earth.”

Not everyone dislikes the clip, either. Many have praised the look and feel of "Hold It Against Me."'s Drew Grant wrote today that the video is "visually stunning, with a Matrix meets The Cell vibe that will have Lady Gaga wishing she had thought of IV paint drips first."