Britney Spears No Longer Touring With Enrique Iglesias

Robert Vos/AFP/Getty Images

High production costs for Live Nation may have contributed to the decision.

Enrique Iglesias has pulled out of Britney Spears’ upcoming tour.

Spears announced Tuesday morning on ABC's Good Morning America that Iglesias will be joining her on the tour, which was to kick off June 17 in Sacramento, Calif.
A press release was even released -- but a short time later, another note was sent to various media outlets: "Live Nation MusicPress would like to recall the message, "BRITNEY SPEARS AND ENRIQUE IGLESIAS ANNOUNCE AUGUST PERFORMANCES."
No word on why he has dropped out.
Billboard reports that Iglesias - who is now touring in Europe - was to carry full production on the Spears tour. 
The site reports that two high-profile artists with top-shelf production values can be very expensive to produce.
Spears' tour is being produced by Live Nation, with veteran pop tour promoter Brad Wavra, VP at Live Nation, running point.  
Spears released her latest album, Femme Fatale, Tuesday - days after she performed two live shows in Las Vegas and San Francisco to mixed reviews.