Britney Spears Says She's Game for Super Bowl Halftime Performance

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The singer also shoots down rumors that she has a song with Justin Bieber in the works and says her forthcoming album, 'Glory,' is her "best work" to date.

Ahead of Britney Spears' new album, Glory, hitting stores on Friday, the pop star spoke with BBC Radio 1 host Scott Mills to discuss the project and a variety of other matters. 

In an interview Wednesday, Spears said she feels Glory is her "best work" to date — something she owes in big part to her collaborators. Spears named Julia Michaels and Justin Tranter, with whom she worked on tracks "Invitation," "Do You Wanna Come Over?" "Slumber Party" and "Just Like Me." 

"They were just really, really great producers and songwriters, and it was a gift. It was an amazing gift," she said. "It's a very creative thing to get in and to write with people and just see what you come up with. You kind of have to dare to suck and be very humble at times and be like, 'That was really, really bad.' But it's fun. The whole process is really fun."

Spears also squashed rumors that she had a song with Justin Bieber in the works, while further fanning the flames that she might be next year's Super Bowl halftime performer. 

When asked if that big show is something she would do, she replied, "Yes, I would probably do that."

On the subject of her own celebrity, Spears was asked whether she ever wishes she was not famous. In response, Spears expressed how strange it has been being famous as she gets older. 

"I'm a very private kind of person," she said. "Sometimes I'm in denial that I'm really famous because it's too much I think for someone who's reached that kind of magnitude to really understand it. And I feel like when you're younger, it's easier, but as you get older, it's one of those things that's kind of like, 'Huh? What is this?' It's kind of crazy."

Ending on a very self-aware joke, when prodded whether there was anything she would now tell a younger her if given the chance, the twice divorced mother of two said with a laugh, "Never get married."

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