Britney Spears: 'Things Are Crazy Right Now'

C Flanigan/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Why she is looking forward to the “completely different lifestyle” of touring — even if Enrique Iglesias won't be joining her.

It's been a wild week for Britney Spears: Not only did she debut her new disc Femme Fatale (to mixed reviews), Enrique Iglesias also may be dropping out of her upcoming world tour.

But Spears is taking it all in stride.
"It's been a while [since I've been this busy]," she tells NYC's Z100, notes MTV News. "Yeah, things are kind of a little crazy right now."
Though Iglesias may not be on the road with her, she says, she is looking forward to seeing her fans. "It's been two years [since I did a major tour,]" she says. "It's pretty crazy [on the road]. It's a completely different lifestyle. You get used to it and you just grow to love it ... I have been missing it."
As for speculation on her personal life, Spears says she doesn't give it much thought.
"I've had that all my life," she says. "I've kind of gotten to a point where I know what's real and I know what's not. I have such an amazing family that supports me in everything that I do ... We brush it off. I have a good support system around me.
"When you're young and you're starting out a lot of it can be a little annoying, because when you're starting out they say hurtful things," she adds. "You get to a point where [it's] enough already and you just brush them all off and everyone kind of laughs at them. [Dealing with the paparazzi is] part of what I do now. It's so exciting, the tours and stuff like that, [so] I don't even look at that anymore. The tours and everything make it worth what I do."