Britney Twitter, MySpace accounts hacked

Devil worship messages posted on Twitter feed

NEW YORK -- Britney Spears' Twitter and MySpace accounts have apparently been hacked.

Messages on her Twitter profile Thursday purported to be from the 27-year-old pop star and claimed she worshiped the devil. The handful of unusual messages were deleted after Spears' management regained control of the account.

Her Twitter feed boasts more than 3.7 million followers and is updated by herself and her "team" of handlers. A message Thursday apologized for "any offense the hacker's messages caused."

Spears' MySpace account was taken over at about the same time.

Hacked messages have gone out from Spears' Twitter account before.

This time, Twitter users appeared to suspect something was up. The subject "donthackbritney" was one of the most popular topics on the site Thursday.