'Broad City' Just Launched a Collection of Branded Sex Toys

Comedy Central

Yas kween.

There's no topic that's off-limits for the gals of Broad City, and many an episode of the off-color Comedy Central hit starring Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson has tackled sex and occasionally sex toys. (Who can forget the pegging episode from season two?)

This is why the latest Broad City venture, a 14-piece collection of branded sex toys (including vibrators, lube and butt plugs, $13-$90) in collaboration with Lovehoney, makes sense. Said the stars in a statement, "We love that Broad City's sex positivity carries into real life with these products, and we hope the world enjoys them." 

The brightly colored toys — with Broad City-approved names like The Vulvarine, Pegasus Pegging Kit and the Ass of an Angel Butt Plug — are now available on Lovehoney's website. For a limited time, all sex toys come with a free Mind My Vagina water-based lube. (Yas kween.)

This isn't Lovehoney's first Hollywood-adjacent collaboration. The sex-toy site also released a Fifty Shades of Grey collection. 


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