Broadband series market to be worth $150 mil

By 2013 market to have grown from $50 mil

LONDON -- The made-for-broadband series market will be worth $150 million by 2013, up from $50 million in the past year, according to new research from European market research group Content Economics Research.

The research found that the U.K. was the biggest investor in online drama, outstripping any other broadcaster with an investment of $7 million in such shows as "EastEnders: E20."

Overall the U.S. made the biggest total investment through a range of made-for-broadband shows including Sony's "The Bannen Way" and Paramount's "Circle of Ei8ht." Popular European offerings included "Kali" from Canal +.

Portals including MySpace and Sony's Crackle are the key platforms where made-for-broadband is consumed.

"The collapse in the advertising and sponsorship market during the recession has seen the number of commercial projects dwindle and budgets shrink," said James Healey, research director at Content Economics Research, adding that deep-pocketed public broadcasters were likely to drive the market over the next twelve months.