Broadcast Networks Break In to Cover Obama's White House Address

Barack Obama Address Sept 27 - H 2013
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Barack Obama Address Sept 27 - H 2013

ABC and NBC stations aired the remarks on the looming government shutdown live; CBS didn't carry the address.

Broadcast networks broke into programming for President Obama's White House address on foreign relations and a looming government shutdown. 

ABC aired an ABC News special report on the address and NBC also carried the remarks live with Brian Williams anchoring an optional special report on some stations.

CBS, however, didn't break into scheduled programming. 

"Do not shut down the government, don't shut down the economy, pass a budget on time," Obama entreated in the address. He later added to legislators: "Do not threaten to burn the house down simply because you haven't gotten a hundred percent of your way."

He did not take questions from reporters after the remarks.

On cable news, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and CNBC all carried the speech live.