'Broadchurch' Season 2 Trailer Unveiled

BBC America

If you missed it on BBC America, now's the time to binge your way through this powerfully atmospheric whodunit starring David Tennant as a police inspector investigating a horrific murder in a sun-drenched seaside vacation resort. Soon to be remade everywhere, see the original first.

Hit U.K. drama — remade as 'Gracepoint' in the U.S. — will air on BBC America in February

The trailer for the second season of the critically acclaimed U.K. crime drama Broadchurch has finally been unveiled, with David Tennant and Olivia Colman reprising their roles as detectives in a sleepy yet troubled English seaside town.

Whereas the first season dealt with the death of a schoolboy, the trailer for the second suggests a story involving an abduction. But it’s clear that the characters are still dealing with the issues that came to an explosive, emotional finale in the first outing that had the U.K. gripped.

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The show was remade as Gracepoint by Fox, with Tennant cast in the lead as Detective Emmett Carver and the original creator, Chris Chibnall, in the writer's chair once more. The series concluded on Thursday.

The second season of Broadchurch will air on ITV in the U.K. on Jan. 5 and on BBC America in the U.S. on Feb. 4.

See the trailer below.