Broadway's 'Death of a Salesman' Moves Into the Black

"Death of a Salesman"
Brigitte Lacombe for New York Magazine

"He will admit that he's wrong quicker than almost anyone I know, and he'll defer to someone else's ideas very quickly," says Hoffman (second from right with the cast of Salesman) of Nichols. "The really smart and complicated people are like that."

The critically acclaimed stage revival from director Mike Nichols will recoup its capitalization about two months after it opened.

Director Mike Nichols’ Broadway revival of Arthur Miller’s A Death of a Salesman will begin to turn a profit this week.

The production will recoup its capitalization of $3.1 million about two months after its March 15 opening. During that time, it broke the house record at the Barrymore Theatre six times.

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The revival boasts not only its Oscar, Grammy and Tony-winning director, but stars Philip Seymour Hoffman, Linda Emond and Andrew Garfield.

Nichols’ recently told THR that the critically acclaimed show may be his last stage production. There isn’t another work he feels the same drive to stage and he may just want to end his theatrical career on a high note.

"This was too good," he says of Salesman. "Making it, I had too good a time."