Broadway’s Spider-Man Likely to Be Delayed

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Officials are planning a second visit to the set to check on flying safety for the production, which is the most expensive in the Great White Way’s history.

It's unlikely Broadway’s Spider-Man will begin previews on Nov. 14 as planned, The New York Times reports.

The $60 million production -- the most expensive in the Great White Way’s history -- has been under investigation by the New York State Department of Labor for its flying stunts, which left one actor with two broken wrists.

Agency officials visited the theater Wednesday, but had to schedule a second inspection when the production was unable to show them every single planned stunt.

Spider-Man, which features music by U2's Bono and The Edge, can't premiere until given the go ahead by the Department of Labor.

The NYS Department of Labor isn't the only organization watching.

"When a show is preparing to debut a lot of technology, especially flying over stage and audiences, we keep a close eye,” Maria Somma, Actors' Equity spokeswoman, told the Times on Wednesday. Somma says Actors' Equity officials already notified the production team of the unsafe practice of having actors practicing different flying stunts in close proximity, and the rehearsal schedule was shifted.