Broadway Smash 'To Kill a Mockingbird' Completes Second-Year Cast (Exclusive)

Taylor Trensch, Eliza Scanlen, Lisa Gay Hamilton, Nina Grollman - Getty - Split -H 2019
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Eliza Scanlen, LisaGay Hamilton, Nina Grollman and Taylor Trensch are among those joining the previously announced Ed Harris and Nick Robinson in Aaron Sorkin's stage adaptation of the classic Harper Lee novel.

The new cast set to play the townsfolk of Maycomb, Alabama, for the second year of the blockbuster Broadway drama To Kill a Mockingbird is now complete.

Lead producer Scott Rudin on Thursday unveiled the full ensemble stepping into Aaron Sorkin's hot-ticket adaptation of the classic Harper Lee novel, joining the previously announced Ed Harris as idealistic Southern lawyer Atticus Finch and Nick Robinson as his son Jem. The Love, Simon and Jurassic World star will be making his Broadway debut in the production.

The current cast, led by Jeff Daniels as Atticus, will play their final show at the Sunday, Nov. 3 matinee, with the new ensemble beginning performances Nov. 5.

"Those of us who have been with Mockingbird since the beginning owe a significant debt of gratitude to this company, who created the show in a room with us for one year even before it went into rehearsal," Rudin told The Hollywood Reporter in a statement. "Further, they have played the show for one full year and they are responsible for the hit it has become."

"Of all the shows we've done, this has been the happiest, most harmonious, most contributive, and most generous cast we've had the luck and pleasure to work with," the producer added.

Directed by Bartlett Sher, To Kill a Mockingbird began previews at the Shubert Theatre last year on November 1, and officially opened Dec. 13 to glowing reviews. The production has performed to capacity houses ever since, becoming the highest-grossing American play in Broadway history and recouping its initial investment of $8 million just 19 weeks after opening. The drama has been averaging around $2 million a week, with cumulative box office of just under $80 million.

Taking on the central role of Atticus' daughter Scout Finch, which won a Tony Award this year for Celia Keenan-Bolger, is Nina Grollman, a Juilliard alumna who made her Broadway debut in the Rudin-produced 2018 revival of Eugene O'Neill's The Iceman Cometh, appearing opposite Denzel Washington.

Finch family housekeeper Calpurnia will be played by stage and screen veteran LisaGay Hamilton, while the role of the children's visiting friend, Dill Harris, a character inspired by author Lee's friendship with Truman Capote, will go to Taylor Trensch, a bright young Broadway talent who has turned heads in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, Hello, Dolly! and Dear Evan Hansen.

Australian actress Eliza Scanlen, who appeared in HBO's Sharp Objects and plays Beth March in Greta Gerwig's upcoming screen remake of Little Women, will join the Mockingbird cast as Mayella Ewell, whose false rape accusation against local black sharecropper Tom Robinson sets the racially charged courtroom drama in motion.

Kyle Scatliffe, seen previously on Broadway in The Color Purple and Les Miserables, will play Tom, while original castmember Neal Huff will step up into the role of Mayella's racist redneck father, Bob Ewell. Also moving into a new role from the original cast is Ted Koch as Mr. Cunningham.

Beloved American character actor M. Emmet Walsh, next onscreen in the upcoming Knives Out, will take on the role of Judge Taylor; and Russell Harvard, an outstanding stage actor also known for his screen work in There Will Be Blood and FX's Fargo, will play the dual roles of Link Deas (originally played by Huff) and Boo Radley. 

Another seasoned stage trouper, Patricia Conolly, will play the small but juicy part of the unapologetically bigoted, chronically ill-tempered widow, Mrs. Henry Lafayette Dubose. Manoel Felciano, a Tony nominee for Sweeney Todd, steps in as prosecuting attorney Horace Gilmer; Christopher Innvar will take on the role of Sheriff Heck Tate; and William Youmans will play the double role of Mr. Roscoe and Dr. Reynolds.

"We're fortunate to have assembled a brand new cast that is, in its own right, completely remarkable," said Rudin. "Many of this new group are collaborators we've worked with numerous times in many plays and movies over the years. They're an extraordinary ensemble of great actors, and I'm very eager for them to take on the play with the same drive and detail as the original company did when they began."

"As we build out the long life of Mockingbird in New York, London and across America, we're eager to give as many wonderful actors as we can the gift and opportunity to play this play," he continued.

Liv Rooth will remain with the production as Miss Stephanie, along with ensemble members Rebecca Watson, Aubie Merrylees, David Manis, Baize Buzan, Steven Lee Johnson and Geoffrey Allen Murphy. Newcomers to the ensemble are Rosalyn Coleman, Gene Gillette, Luke Smith and Yaegel T. Welch.