Brody Jenner Talks About His New Facebook Gaming Venture, Hollywood Plans

Brody Jenner Headshot - P 2012
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Brody Jenner Headshot - P 2012

RocketFrog's free-to-play casino and poker games will offer real-world prizes.

Reality TV star Brody Jenner has been a gamer all his life. He’s also been an avid poker player both in real tournaments like the World Series of Poker and online. His latest venture, RocketFrog, blends those two passions. RocketFrog has launched on Facebook, bringing a variety of free-to-play casino and card games to the social gaming space.

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While there’s a lot of competition for these casual social games, Jenner said what separates RocketFrog from the competition is its use of physical prizes. Players can compete to win real-world prizes through free-play poker, blackjack and slot tournaments, as well as real-time, stand-alone poker, blackjack, slot, roulette and video poker games.

“I play poker all the time in real life and online and I see so many people on these sites playing for free, they’re basically winning Internet chips,” said Jenner, who began working on the company as an investor but now helps with marketing and business development. “Every day we’re giving gamers new advertisers and new prizes to win. It’s a great way to gamble for fun with your friends.”

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RocketFrog runs poker, blackjack and slot tournaments every day with small fields of 30 to 100 players and accelerated games that run two to five minutes long. Creative Recreation is offering all gamers a $10 online gift code and then players can also win a $50 online gift code from that company. Jenner said the site is working with companies like Angello from Swedish House Mafia, Young and Reckless, World of Dance, Abbey Dawn by Avril Lavigne and Paul Oakenfold to connect with its gaming audience.

Jenner sees plenty of potential for Hollywood film opening, music launches and even console video game launches moving forward, as the site can devote a full day, week or more to one product and reward players with movie passes and other customized prize packages.

“When a studio spends money on billboards or even banner ads you don’t really know where the money is going,” said Jenner. “With RocketFrog, it’s different. You give us a certain amount of tickets and we promote the movie for a week and every day gamers log on and get a chance to win. People are getting engaged with these products, as opposed to seeing commercial.”

RocketFrog will also be targeting the music industry, where up-and-coming acts already utilize the Internet to engage with fans.

“Our site works with any product you want people to be engaged with,” said Jenner. “It’s good for established artists as well as new artists. You could give away albums or do a song as a secret download. There are so many different ways to go about it.”

Jenner also sees potential in marketing products from the Kardashian line, or any established brand.

“I could see my sister Kim doing a promotion through us and it would help build more business for them,” said Jenner. “We could do a promotion where we gave away perfumes or whatever through our tournaments, and it’s a win-win for our site and for their products.”

Headquartered in Los Angeles, RocketFrog was founded in 2010 by online gaming and casino industry veterans Brett Calapp, Matthew Osborn, and Uri Kozai. Tom Anderson, co-founder and former president of, joined the company’s Advisory Board based on the company’s vision for fully branded social game integration. 

The company plans to regularly release new games, along with mobile apps, with the aim to build the largest free-to-play social casino on the web.