Bronx Cobra Thanks 'Madagascar' for Inspiration

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa 2011
Dreamworks Animation

Steve Martin, "Project Runway's" Nina Garcia among the followers of the escaped snake.

The Bronx Cobra is on the loose and New Yorkers can thank DreamWorks' Madagascar for the snake's escape. 

Using the Twitter handle Bronx Zoo's Cobra, the reptile tweeted, "I want to thank those animals from the movie Madagascar. They were a real inspiration." 2005's Madagascar was an animated film about four animals who escape a New York City zoo and find themselves in Africa.

The real Egyptian cobra has been missing from its exhibit enclosure at the Bronx Zoo since Friday but it resurfaced a couple of days later on Twitter with its own account and tongue-in-cheek updates on its whereabouts.

Steve Martin and Project Runway's Nina Garcia are among the people who have commented on the snake's comings and goings.

Martin tweeted Tuesday, "Phone rings. Caller ID: Bronx Zoo. I put on King Tut hat, ready for action. It's the snake. Hard to hear. Lots of hissing on line."

Garcia addressed the Bronx Cobra directly, "Dear @BronxZoosCobra Do you know that two wolves escaped from the Barcelona Zoo? Were they your friends?"

BronxZoosCobra has more than 150,000 Twitter followers to date, and has referenced Samuel L. Jackson, Snakes on a Plane, Piers Morgan and Charlie Sheen, among others.