Hear Melissa Rauch Drop F-Bombs With PTAF in 'The Bronze' Rap Song (Exclusive)

The Bronze Still 5 - cast shot- H 2016
Courtesy of Alicia Gbur/Sony Pictures Classics

"I'm a boss ass bitch, check the résumé, son / I brought the bronze home, homie, what the f— have you done?" rapped Rauch in the comedic track.

Melissa Rauch is a "boss ass bitch," and now she has her own track to prove it.

The Big Bang Theory actress recorded a new song for The Bronze, in which she stars as Hope Ann Gregory, a foul-mouthed former Olympic gymnastic bronze medalist whose celebrity status in her small town is challenged when a younger athlete begins to take center stage. Gary Cole, Thomas Middleditch and Cecily Strong also star in the R-rated comedy, which marks the directorial debut of Bryan Buckley.

Rauch and her husband (the couple also penned the script together) wrote her verses in the song "F That!" which plays over the end credits. With a strong Ohio accent, Rauch as Hope drops a ton of F-bombs and punchlines while rapping about her gymnastics skills, her hometown fame and how she's "a fing role model, it's a shit ton of pressure."

"I'm a boss ass bitch, check the résumé, son / I brought the bronze home, homie, what the fhave you done?" she raps throughout the track, which also includes Cole calling her in the background. "I'll wait."

The track also features the group Pretty Taking All Fades. "When they saw the movie to get their approval for their song 'Boss Ass Bitch,' they asked to do an original song as well," Rauch tells The Hollywood Reporter. "Hope rapping was an afterthought — we added it at the very last minute before Sundance. I'm so excited that we were able to do it."

Sony Pictures Classics releases The Bronze on March 18.

Listen to the song below (NSFW).