Bronzer Fail? Stars Go Orange at 2016 Emmys

Claire Danes - Emmmy - H - 2016
Todd Williamson/Getty Images

Claire Danes, Kristen Bell and Constance Wu among the stars who appear to have gotten Trumped.

We've all been there — you're trying to follow a YouTube makeup tutorial which promises to give you that "sunkissed glow," and the next thing you know, there's an Oompa Loompa staring back at you in the mirror rather than the Kardashian you aspired to. 

Such was the case at the 2016 Emmy Awards, where some stars appeared a little more on the citrus-y side of the color spectrum. The intense L.A. heat (temperatures topped 85 degrees on the red carpet) didn't help the matter, with some appearing to be suffering from the sweaty, streaky look.

The orange crushed included Claire Danes, whose gold sparkly Schiaparelli gown was overshadowed by her head-to-toe overly tanned complexion. 

Kristen Bell and Constance Wu also went a bit overboard with the bronzer brush, creating the unfortunate effect of having their faces look a few shades darker than their exposed bosoms (again, been there). Heidi Klum, too, was a bit off the mark color-wise, however she was at least uniformly one shade across her toned limbs. 

Moral of the story? Don't take makeup cues from Donald Trump. 

BRONZE BEAUTIES: Kristen Bell and Constance Wu. (Photos: Getty Images)