Brooke Hogan Defends Dad Hulk Hogan After Reports of Racist Rant

Hulk Hogan - H 2015
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Hulk Hogan - H 2015

The WWE fired Hulk Hogan on Friday after reports surfaced that the wrestler went on a racist, N-word-filled rant.

Brooke Hogan has released a new poem celebrating and defending her father, Hulk Hogan, in the wake of his firing from WWE. 

Hulk was fired on Friday. It's speculated the cause was a racist tirade in a sex tape that’s at the center of a lawsuit with Gawker

Brooke was at the heart of that rant as he discussed his daughter dating a black man, according to and The National Enquirer, which broke the news. 

The touching poem is called "If You Knew My Father" and starts, "If you knew the dad I knew, / you'd know his tender heart. / He'd never want to hurt his fans, / or family from the start."

It continues on to ask its readers to relate their own fathers or loved ones to a scenario like the one her father is facing: "Cause me- I bet your father / or someone that you love / Maybe regrets something / they wish they'd never done."

Read it here:

~If You Knew My Father~By Brooke BolleaIf you knew the dad I knew,you'd know his tender heart.He'd never want to...

Posted by Brooke Hogan on Friday, July 24, 2015

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