Brooke Shields uneasy with media frenzy

Kiefer Sutherland head-butt case has actress at center of storm

NEW YORK -- Brooke Shields says she's frightened and frustrated by the media storm the Kiefer Sutherland arrest has dumped on her doorstep -- and really doesn't understand why she's being brought into the situation at all.

Sutherland was charged last week with head-butting designer Jack McCollough at a Manhattan nightclub. Shields was there, and reports have said the incident was over her. Police have said they want to question Shields.

At an event Thursday night to promote The Chain of Confidence, an organization that sponsors girls and promotes positive attitudes in women, Shields expressed frustration that she has been linked to the case.

"I am always interested in the fact that I can be minding my own business. I can be in London doing a play and things could happen. It is inexplicable to me," she said.

"I can't make any comment legally because of my lawyers and everything like that," she continued. "I am always amazed when I am involved in something like The Chain of Confidence, the obsession with an issue like this versus really what we are talking about. It is not as sexy maybe, but it is so much more important. I am always amazed by the fact. I just shake my head."

Shields, 42, said she is also upset the paparazzi are monitoring her since the case developed.

"It is frightening and shocking the access people have to everybody else. They are camped outside of my house," she said. "I am shocked and I feel like I have already been through so much that I am fortified in longevity. To me I am not going anywhere. If it hasn't thrown me yet, it is not going to throw me now."