NYFW: Brooklyn Beckham Is the Next Heartthrob to Watch

Steven Tyler and Brooklyn Beckham

The 16-year-old has infilitrated the New York party scene.

Kendall Jenner, move over. There's a new Hollywood heir taking their rightful place in the spotlight.

At the Givenchy after-party on Friday night, held in a Delancey Street multi-level garage, Brooklyn Beckham showed he's no longer just the son of a fashion designer and a soccer star, but perhaps New York's next party-scene fixture. The 16-year-old offspring of Victoria and David Beckham held his own at the fashion mega party amongst the likes of Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner, Steven and Liv Tyler, Courtney Love, Laverne Cox, and Hailey Baldwin.

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Despite the fame-heavy crowd, Beckham drew a surprising amount of attention, with many of the guests gunning for sneaky selfies with him, posing behind him, and occasionally outright asking him for a photo. But it wasn't just teeny-boppers or beautiful young models who were scoping out the handsome teenager.

Beckham, who has been unchaperoned by his famous parents during this fashion week, was also seen chatting up a number of older guests, like model Frankie Rayder and Liv Tyler, and having a laugh with Steven Tyler. As for designer Riccardo Tisci, who was the guest of honor at the over-the-top affair — which included a billboard-sized light-up sign that said "I Believe In The Power Of Love" and an ice cream truck — he kept himself hidden away for the majority of the fete in a VIP area. Bummer.