'Brooklyn' Clip: "We Need More Irish Girls in Brooklyn" (Exclusive Video)

Fox Searchlight opens the period romantic drama in select theaters Nov. 4.

Jim Broadbent's turn as a kindly, bespectacled Irish priest imparting wisdom and dishing out advice in John Crowley's Brooklyn is the subject of an exclusive clip from Fox Searchlight's critically acclaimed film.

"We need more Irish girls in Brooklyn," Father Flood says to a homesick young Irish girl, played by The Grand Budapest Hotel's Saoirse Ronan.    

The period romantic drama follows Ellis (Ronan), an Irish immigrant navigating life and love in 1950s Brooklyn, finding herself trapped, choosing between a bombastic Italian New Yorker and a dashing Irishman who waits for her back in her native Ireland.

"Homesickness is like most sicknesses," Flood emphatically explains. "It will make you feel wretched, and it will move on to somebody else."

In his Sundance review, The Hollywood Reporter's Todd McCarthy wrote: "Although at heart a love story and a singular immigrant saga, the narrative in both the novel and the film are so rigorously calibrated that, when it comes down to the decision about which man and which country she will pick, it feels more like a suspense tale, with lives hanging in the balance."

Brooklyn also stars Domhnall Gleeson and Emory Cohen; it opens in select theaters Nov. 4.

Watch the exclusive clip above.