Brooklyn Media, 'Child of God' Author Partner on Tales of Injustice (Exclusive)

Lolita Files - Publicity - H 2018
Bobby Quillard

Files will pen two true-life projects, 'Blue Uniform, Black Skin: The Nakia Jones Story' and '29th Bullet: The Howard Morgan Story.'

Brooklyn Media, the recently launched production banner from civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump, has tapped best-selling Child of God author Lolita Files to pen two true-life tales centering on injustice.

Files will first tackle Blue Uniform, Black Skin: The Nakia Jones Story, which tells of a woman who was fired from her job for her social media post which passionately addressed racist cops in an incident involving a black man selling CDs outside a convenience story. The man, Alton Sterling, was shot dead at close range in 2016 by two white Baton Rouge police officers.

The twist is that Jones was a police officer criticizing her colleagues in another state in a post that went viral. She received death threats from fellow officers and ultimately lost her job.

Secondly, Files will pen 29th Bullet: The Howard Morgan Story, which revolves around the titular former police officer who, during a traffic stop on his way home from work, was shot by Chicago police 28 times. Morgan survived, but after two trials he found himself sentenced to 40 years in prison for obstruction of justice. The true hero in his story is said to be his wife, a woman who refused to give up on getting her husband released from prison (and succeeded when the Illinois governor gave him clemency).

The projects fall in line as part of Brooklyn’s raison d’etre. Launched in October, the company’s goal is to create scripted material for film, TV and digital media, telling stories involving injustice and civil rights. Crump is well-known in legal circles for his work representing the family of Trayvon Martin, among other high-profile cases.

Files has dipped into the world of true crime before, producing and appearing onscreen for A&E’s limited series Who Killed Tupac?. She has written six best-sellers, among them Child of God and Scenes From a Sistah. Her latest, sex. lies. murder. fame, was optioned by Byron Allen’s Entertainment Studios, with Files adapting the screenplay.  

Files is repped by Curated By Media and Meyer Downs.