Brooklyn Movie Theater Calls Cops On Diabetic Moviegoer Who Brought in Strawberries (Report)

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A movie theater audience

Financial analyst Michael Kass says he was escorted out of the building by two police officers and the manager after he brought in outside fruit to keep his insulin level in check during a showing of "Divergent."

A Brooklyn movie theater reportedly called the cops on a diabetic audience member, just because he brought in strawberries to eat during a showing of Divergent.

Financial analyst Michael Kass, who has Type 2 diabetes, tells the New York Post that since he couldn't eat the food sold at The Pavilion Theater in the Park Slope neighborhood, he brought a carton of pre-washed strawberries to eat so he could keep his insulin level in check.

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A theater employee checked Kass' bag on the way in and asked him to throw out the outside food, he tells The Post. He says he tried to explain his disease but "they didn't seem to care," Kass explains, adding that he asked a manager to refund his ticket.

The manager refused to give him a refund, though, so he put the strawberries back and went into the theater.

But 10 minutes later, midway through the trailers, the manager and two cops escorted him out of the building.

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Kass later posted a complaint on the theater's Facebook page and reportedly wrote a letter to New York City mayor Bill de Blasio, urging him to advocate for healthier snacks at city theaters.

“It was embarrassing. I didn’t expect it," Kass told The Post. "Two police officers came and told me to leave with a full theater of people watching. I said ‘Is this for real?’ and they said, ‘Yes, you have to leave.'"

“I’m hoping they change their policy . . . But I’m never going back there,” Kass tells The Post.

The Pavilion Theater had no comment when contacted by The Hollywood Reporter.