Bruce Dern Is the Voice of Death in 'Buck Alamo' (Exclusive Clip)

Buck Alamo
Epstein Productions

Sonny Carl Davis stars as a outlaw heading for a final duel with The Man in Black in Ben Epstein's indie drama, which has its world premiere at the Oldenburg Film Festival.

The gravelly, unmistakable voice of Bruce Dern grumbles over the opening images in the first clip of Buck Alamo, an experimental drama from director Ben Epstein that has its world premiere Friday at the Oldenburg International Film Festival.

The Nebraska and The Hateful Eight star plays the incorporeal voice of Death, the ultimate Man in Black, in the feature, described as an "acid Western musical."

In the clip (see below), Dern sounds like an avenging angel or old testament prophet promising the worst for the titular Buck Alamo, played by Sonny Carl Davis. Buck is a country outlaw who is estranged from his daughter (Lorelei Linklater) but still holds out hope for redemption before his final showdown. Lee Eddy, Kriston Woodreaux, Chase Joliet, Blake Webber, and CK McFarland co-star.

The Buck Alamo clip opens with a title card: "Stanza 3: 'And The Strict Master Death Bids Them Dance’,” an indication of the film's experimental style and structure. It definitely won't be for everyone, but the Oldenburg audiences, accustomed to the weirdest and wildest that indie cinema has to offer, should lap it up.

This year's Oldenburg Festival is itself an experiment. The 27th edition is a hybrid, with in-person screenings in cinemas in the northern German city as well as online streaming of festival titles for those who can't attend, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The 27th Oldenburg International Film Festival runs through Sept. 20.

Check out the clip for Buck Alamo below.