Bruce Jenner Lane Residents Contemplate Official Change to Caitlyn Jenner Lane

Bruce Jenner Lane - H 2015
Courtesy of KVUE ABC

Bruce Jenner Lane - H 2015

Clarksville, Tenneessee and Texas cities South Austin and El Paso all have a street named after the former Olympic gold medalist.

Homeowners in Texas cities South Austin and El Paso, as well as Clarksville, Tennessee, are questioning whether their street, Bruce Jenner Lane, will undergo a name change since the former Olympian's transition from male to female and name change to Caitlyn Jenner.

Residents in South Austin's Olympian Heights neighborhood told KVUE that drivers have been stopping to take photos of the street sign and questioning whether it will change to Caitlyn Jenner Lane.

"We just hope that someone is smart enough to realize all the trouble it's going to cause for regular people if you change the name," homeowner Ray Briggs said. "Should we put both [names] on there? Tape one underneath it?" Briggs continued. "I thought about doing that myself."

Another resident told ABC News they'd prefer the street name not change because of the paperwork involved: "I don’t care what [she] did with [her] life because that’s [her] personal choice. But I’d rather not change the street name. That’s just a lot of paperwork, you know?"

According to the city's website, at least 50 percent of the street's residents must sign a formal petition to the city of Austin approving the new name, as well as get city council approval.

"If the city council and residents of our community want to change the name of Bruce Jenner Lane to Caitlyn Jenner Lane, the board has no issue," Olympian Heights' board members told ABC News today in a statement. "However, it is something as a board, we are not actively pursuing."

Street names in the surrounding area include Georgia Coleman Bend, Wilma Rudolph Road and Johnny Weismuller Lane.

June 8, 5:15 p.m. Updated with more cities now contemplating a street name change.