Bruce Jenner Tells Diane Sawyer He's "Excited To Be Able To Do Some Real Good"

"I'm going to let him say first what he wants to say," the ABC News anchor said when previewing her sit-down with the Olympian turned reality TV star.

ABC has kept much of Friday's two-hour Diane Sawyer interview with Bruce Jenner under wraps, apart from just a few teasing previews.

While it's widely expected that Jenner will talk about his reported gender transition, that has not yet been confirmed. Sawyer said on Friday's Good Morning America that she'll let Jenner do the talking.

"Some things, some stories should only be told by the person who lives them," she said. "And he wants to speak directly tonight, so I'm going to let him say first what he wants to say."

But she did debut a few more seconds of her sit-down. In the below clip, unveiled on GMA, Sawyer asks Jenner if after the several days of conversations they had there was anything she hadn't asked that he wanted her to ask him.

He came up with, "Are you going to be OK?"

So will he be OK?

"Yeah, I hope I'm gonna be OK. I feel like I'm gonna be OK," Jenner said. "2015 is going to be quite a ride. Quite a ride."

Sawyer also talked about the role of family in Jenner's story, revealing that they talked to his older sister, who tells her what she saw when they were growing up.

"I think you're going to learn about family love," Sawyer said. "This is a family love story."

When asked what she hopes people take away from tonight's special, Sawyer said she hopes it leads to conversations.

"I hope people talk with other people, with families, with their friends, because there's so much to think about, not just about what he's going to tell you but about everyone's life," she said.

In conclusion, Sawyer said her special is about "understanding" and "learning."

Sawyer also appeared on Live! With Kelly and Michael to discuss the special. She reiterated that she'll let Jenner speak for himself and unveiled an even longer clip of him doing just that, including the few seconds shown on GMA.

The Live clip also features Jenner talking about what's to come.

"I've got my health, I've got my children. I've got family. I've got seven grandkids now," he said. "I'm actually really excited about the future, about what I could do, to be able to do some real good in the world."

Sawyer, who said she hadn't met Jenner before their interview added that he is "strong."

"He knows this is a big interview. He knows this is a big day for him, but he is really sentimental about his family and looking forward to what is ahead," she said.

The veteran journalist also admitted she was a bit surprised by the interest in her interview.

"I think it's a story that we can come to and learn so much and ask so many questions," she said. "You get to think in a new way about a lot of things."

Watch GMA and Live's previews below.

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