Bruce Lee biopic sequel starts filming

Shooting begins in Lee's hometown of Foshan

HONG KONG -- Chinese filmmakers have begun shooting the sequel to the hit biopic about Bruce Lee's kung fu master, Ip Man.

Director Wilson Yip, Hong Kong action star Donnie Yen and other cast members attended a traditional Chinese ceremony Monday honoring Ip in his southern hometown, Foshan, to mark the beginning of the shoot, Hong Kong production company Mandarin Films said in a statement received Thursday.

"Ip Man," which was released in December, was named best film at the Hong Kong Film Awards in April. It made 120 million yuan ($18 million) in China and another 25 million Hong Kong dollars ($3.2 million) in Hong Kong.

The sequel does not yet have an English title.

Ip trained in the wing chun style of kung fu, which traces its roots to a monk from the famed Shaolin Temple. He left for Hong Kong in the 1940s to escape the Communist takeover of the China. In Hong Kong, he taught kung fu to restaurant workers but broadened his reach to hundreds of students, including Lee, before dying in 1972.

"Ip Man" ends with his departure for Hong Kong. The 100 million Chinese yuan ($15 million) sequel, which will be released in the summer of 2010, focuses on his life in Hong Kong, the Mandarin Films statement said.

Lee will be played by the 10-year-old Chinese child actor Jiang Daiyan, and the film shoot will take place mostly on a set in Shanghai.

Hong Kong art-house director Wong Kar Wai is also planning a biopic of Ip starring Cannes best actor winner Tony Leung Chiu-wai.