Bruce Springsteen Flies Air Force One With Obama, Performs With Jay-Z (Video)

Barack Obama Springsteen at Rally - H 2012
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Barack Obama Springsteen at Rally - H 2012

The president and rock legend embraced in Wisconsin after an acoustic performance, then hit the runway for Ohio.

Win or lose, the last day of campaigning will prove memorable for both President Obama and Bruce Springsteen.

The president and the "Born in the USA" singer are touring together on Monday, making an appearance in Madison, Wisconsin before heading to Columbus, Ohio and then finishing their day in Des Moines, Iowa. Springsteen, who has come on strong for Obama after abstaining from much politicking earlier in the campaign, opened for the president's stump speech in Madison with an acoustic set that included the classic tune, "Thunder Road."

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Springsteen joined Obama on Air Force One for the first time for their flight to Wisconsin; afterwards he told reporters that it was "pretty cool." He reserves this grandeur, it seems, for his lyrics.

As for Obama, he remarked in his speech to voters in Madison that "I get to fly around with [Springsteen] on the last day that I will ever campaign. So that's not a bad way to end things."

Obama and Springsteen will be joined in Columbus by Jay-Z; the performances can be streamed by clicking here.

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