Brunello Cucinelli Designs "Teddy Bear" Cashmere

Courtesy of Brunello Cucinelli; Courtesy of Universal Pictures

The Italian label is offering the ultimate in cuddly-cozy luxe for fall — and it's sure to be the fashion crowd's new thunder buddy for life.

Move over, Ted. Italian-based fashion house Brunello Cucinelli, known for its deluxe cashmere, just launched Teddy Bear cashmere. As the R-rated big-screen bear himself might say, WTF?!

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According to the designer, whose Hollywood fans include Jennifer Garner, Jessica Alba and Gwyneth Paltrow, it’s a new fabric made of 100 percent cashmere. It uses a special technology that involves fraying the cashmere yarn and leaving it open during weaving for a teddy bear-like effect. The material is then put through a drying process to make it even softer and overall fuzzy-wuzzy. The results? Weekend-ready hoodies, coats and cardigans that look and feel like your favorite stuffed toy. 

"I love for a woman to feel elegant, luxurious and comfortable — the newest cashmere in the collection has an ultra-luxe feel with the 'teddy bear' finish making it cozy and playful. The looks can transition from gym to dinner for active days," says Cucinelli.

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The plush pieces are already in stores. And, with prices ranging from $3,245 to $3,620 it’s safe to say — not your average bear.