Bryan Cranston on 'Breaking Bad': Like 'Retiring After Winning Super Bowl'

Bryan Cranston

During a Reddit AMA, the actor says he has plans to record a Samuel L. Jackson monologue for charity.

With AMC’s Breaking Bad unveiling its final eight episodes beginning in August, emotions are running high for blue meth enthusiasts everywhere.

Show creator Vince Gilligan recently revealed that he cried writing the finale, and now Bryan Cranston (Walter White) is sharing his thoughts on the celebrated show’s end.

“In a way I'm sad to see it go, but in another way I'm so proud of it. To me it's like retiring after winning the Super Bowl,” Cranston wrote in an Ask Me Anything post on Reddit on Tuesday.

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Samuel L. Jackson recently recorded one of Cranston’s most famous Breaking Bad monologues to raise money for charity. That campaign, in which Jackson solicited support from Reddit, sparked a fan clamor for Cranston to record one of Jackson’s celebrated monologues, perhaps from 1994’s Pulp Fiction.

“I did see Sammy's monologue, and I'm going to be making one of my own from one of his monologues at some point to help with Alzheimer's research and finding the cure,” Cranston wrote. “I sympathize with him because my mother also had Alzheimer's. It's a horrible disease, but he found a very interesting way to bring attention to it.”

Cranston also addressed how he managed to go from a comedic role on Malcolm in the Middle to a much darker character on Breaking Bad.

“What I discovered is that everyone has a dark side. It might be unrealized, untapped, but if the right buttons are pushed anyone can become dangerous and I just opened up to it,” Cranston wrote.

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Asked if he ever pranked costar Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman) on set, Cranston recalled a season two episode in which Walter asks Jesse to “handle” a problem and then hands him a gun ... except in one take, Cranston handed Paul a dildo instead.

Cranston also addressed the moment he believes Walter “broke bad." For him, it happened in the first episode of the series.

“It was very subtle, but that's when he decided to become someone that he's not in order to gain financially,” Cranston wrote. “He made the Faustian deal at that point and everything else was a slippery slope.”

The actor was doing the Q&A-style session to raise funds for the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC), with each donator being entered into a contest to attend the Los Angeles premiere of Breaking Bad’s final season as his guest.

“And we're not just going to watch together. We're also going to ride up together in an RV, where we may set some sort of record for being the first people ever to show up to a premiere in a Winnebago," Cranston wrote.

See more from Cranston’s AMA here. Donations to the NCMEC can be made here.