Bryan Cranston Says He's Open to a 'Better Call Saul' Appearance

Courtesy of The Rich Eisen Show
Bryan Cranston telling Rich Eisen he would galdly appear on 'Better Call Saul'.

If White were ever to reappear, Cranston is positive it would not be "stunt casting."

A reappearance of Walter White is not out of the question, at least as far as Bryan Cranston is concerned.

The Breaking Bad star in a recent interview on the Rich Eisen Show said if he were asked to appear in AMC's Better Call Saul, a prequel spinoff to Bad, he would do it. His decision is solely based on his love of both shows' creator Vince Gilligan, who saw in him far more than his Malcolm in the Middle dad character, Cranston said. 

“I owe Vince Gilligan so much. He was my champion to get this role," Cranston told Eisen. “If they (Gilligan and writer Peter Gould) were to call me and say, ‘We have this idea, we’d like … ,’ I would say, ‘Yes, you don’t have to finish the pitch. I’m there, what do you want me to do?'”

Saul, starring Bob Odenkirk as James Morgan "Jimmy" McGill or Saul Goodman, premiered in February 2015. In March, the series was renewed for a third season. Thus far, each season has consisted of 10 episodes. 

If White were ever to reappear, Cranston is positive it would not be "stunt casting," he said. 

"I know how careful they are and how proprietary they are with those characters," Cranston said. "It would be something obscure, unique and creative." 

Cranston, who won numerous awards for playing the high school science teacher turned drug kingpin, told Eisen he is a huge fan of Saul and has even been offered a chance to direct an episode, which is not necessarily an opportunity he wants. 

"I'm debating whether I want to or not because I am a fan of the show," Cranston said. "In order to direct, I need to know what no fan knows … and there’s a part of me that says that would kind of kill it for me as a fan to peek behind the curtain, so I don’t know if I am or not.”