Bryan Cranston's Elf on the Shelf Haunts James Corden

The Late Late Show with James Corden The Elf on the Shelf Skit - Screenshot - H 2017

The actor transforms into the watchful Christmas decoration, assessing whether the late-night host has been “naughty or nice.”

In a pretaped skit that aired on Monday's Late Late ShowBryan Cranston transformed into a rather annoying Elf on the Shelf.

In the sketch, host James Corden receives a gift from Cranston with a card reading, “Inside this box you’ll find an Elf on the Shelf; a bit of an American Christmas tradition. I’ve modeled this one after yours truly.

“Now this elf will report back to Santa whether you’ve been naughty or nice. So be nice James,” Cranston warns the late-night host.

“Bit cheap, Bryan. Gift card would’ve been better,” Corden jokes after reading the actor’s card.

Cranston's elf then proceeds to hound Corden, admonishing him for attempting to eat one of the treats intended for Late Late Show guests. “Whatever you’re doing, you ought to think twice. Cause I’m taking notes if you’re naughty or nice,” the actor's elf warned Corden.

Cranston’s elf also forces Corden to admit he farted during a meeting, as well as tell his band member the real reason he didn’t accept an invite to their gig.

Watch the sketch below.