Bryan Fuller, Bryan Singer set NBC comedy

'SelleVision' takes place at a home-shopping channel

NBC is teaming with Bryan Fuller and Bryan Singer for "SelleVision," a comedic one-hour set behind the scenes of a home-shopping cable channel.

Fuller is writing the project, based on Augusten Burroughs' novel. Singer is on board to direct. The two will executive produce with Galgos Entertainment's Mark Bozek and Russell Nuce.

Jason Taylor at Singer's Bad Hat Harry banner will produce.

For Fuller, "SelleVision" is one of two scripts he has set up at NBC through his two-year overall deal at Universal Media Studios. He also has "No Kill," a workplace comedy set in a no-kill animal shelter, that he is exec producing with Gail Berman and Lloyd Braun.

Before forming Galgos with wife Susan and Nuce four years ago, Bozek was CEO for the Home Shopping Network as part of a 10-year stint at HSN and rival home-shopping giant QVC. He always felt the arena of home-shopping nets was ripe with great characters for film and TV.

"It's a very insular, highly competitive world with people living in it 24/7 whether they are on the air or not, and their lives are all about how many dollars per minute they can make for the company," Bozek said.

He was running HSN when he first heard of "SelleVision" before it was published. He tried to acquire the rights after reading the galleys but was unsuccessful.

"I couldn't tell whether it was because they weren't sure if I was looking to make a movie or stop the making of a movie," he said.

Shortly after he left HSN to launch Galgos, Bozek snapped up "SelleVision."

Fuller read the book several years ago and also became a fan. "I love how rich and idiosyncratic the world is," he said. "Augusten Burroughs has such sharp wit; I got sucked up by all the characters."

He approached Bozek and Nuce about developing "SelleVision" as a TV series, but they were on the verge of making it into a movie.

When Fuller got back in development mode this year following the cancellation of ABC's "Pushing Daisies" and his repeat stint on NBC's "Heroes," he checked on "SelleVision" again, and it was available, with the feature having fallen through.

Separately, Singer, also a fanof the book, had approached Burroughs about "SelleVision" a few years ago and had been looking to do something with it ever since.

Fuller, Singer, Bozek and Nuce -- all repped by the same agency after WMA and Endeavor merged to form WME -- connected and decided to do the project.

"The talent of this team, coupled with Mark's years of experience with the subject matter, promises to deliver a fun, contemporary and original show," Singer said.

In the TV adaptation, "we will keep true to the tone of the book, and most of the characters will be the same," Fuller added.

NBC and UMS scripted chief Angela Bromstad underscored Fuller's versatility in switching between half-hour and one-hour shows as evident by his two NBC projects and pointed to UMS' strong track record with Singer, who directed the pilot for the studio's Fox drama "House" and exec produces the series.

On the legal side, Fuller is repped by Bryan Wolf, Singer by Dave Feldman and Galgos by Craig Emanuel.