Bryan Singer Accuser Served With Malicious Prosecution Lawsuit in Casino Men's Room

Garth Ancier Headshot - P 2014
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Garth Ancier Headshot - P 2014

Michael Egan, whose Hollywood sexual abuse lawsuits are collapsing, had allegedly been evading process servers and private investigators for weeks.

When Michael Egan filed sex abuse lawsuits against X-Men director Bryan Singer and three others in April, he and his lawyer, Jeff Herman, announced the filings in standing-room-only press conferences. In the months since, as the cases collapsed under the weight of Egan’s credibility issues, one of the defendants, former TV executive Garth Ancier, filed a malicious prosecution action against Egan and Herman, and Herman has moved to withdraw as Egan’s counsel.

Filing an action is one thing, but moving forward with it requires serving a copy on the defendant. Ancier said in a Facebook post Friday night, and sources confirmed, that Egan had been evading process servers and private investigators for five weeks. Friday, Ancier stated, Egan was found and served in a less-public location than a press conference: the men’s room of what Ancier called “an obscure Las Vegas casino.”

That venue was no more sordid than the allegations of the original lawsuits, which claimed teen sex abuse at parties at Hawaii and Los Angeles mansions in 1997-1999. Those cases began to fall apart when Egan’s sworn statements from 2003 came to light, in which he said that he’d never been to Hawaii and that no one other than the occupants of the Los Angeles mansion had sexually molested him. He had even signed a statement in 2003 that he’d never had sexual contact with David Neuman yet in April 2014 he sued Neuman as well as Singer, Ancier and Gary Goddard.

All of the defendants denied the allegations, and several filed evidence such as credit card receipts and witness declarations to show that they hadn’t been in Hawaii during the period in question. Most of the cases were then withdrawn by Egan.

A month after filing the Egan suits, Herman filed suit against Singer and Goddard on behalf of a separate plaintiff, an anonymous British actor identified only as John Doe 117. Last week, Doe dismissed Singer from that suit. The suits were filed in advance of the May 23 release of the latest X-Men film, Days of Future Past, and resulted in Singer withdrawing from the film’s press tour.

Herman did not respond to a request for comment. He has retained counsel and on Thursday filed an answer denying the allegations in Ancier’s malicious prosecution lawsuit.

Also a defendant in Ancier’s malicious prosecution lawsuit is Egan’s Hawaii attorney, Mark Gallagher.