Attorney: Bryan Singer Accuser Will File More Hollywood Sex Abuse Suits Monday (Video)

Michael Egan Press Conference One - H 2014
Chris Godley

Michael Egan Press Conference One - H 2014

Michael Egan III is planning to sue additional “Hollywood insiders” as a Thursday statute of limitations deadline approaches.

The lawyer for the man suing X-Men director Bryan Singer in Hawaii for forcible sexual abuse of a minor said he will be filing more lawsuits on behalf of plaintiff Michael Egan III against “Hollywood insiders” on Monday. The attorney, Jeff Herman, added that a few additional lawsuits may be filed a day or so later, and that all of the suits he is filing in Hawaii will be filed by Thursday, the statutory deadline.

EARLIER: Bryan Singer Accuser Filed Suit Over Sexual Abuse in 2000 But Didn’t Name Him

Herman, a Florida lawyer specializing in sexual abuse cases nationwide, also said that there were overlapping “sexual predator rings” in Hollywood that were more organized than anything he’d ever seen before and which involved boys ages 15 to 17.

Singer’s lawyer has denied the allegations in the suit, calling them “absurd and defamatory” and “fabricated.” The suit is not the first time Singer has been accused in a lawsuit of improper behavior with teenage boys. In 1997 — two years prior to the incidents alleged by Egan — Singer allegedly required underage extras as young as 14 years old to strip nude for a shower scene in Apt Pupil. According to a contemporary report, no charges were filed after a criminal investigation, but civil suits were filed on behalf of nine minors. It was not immediately possible to determine the outcome of the civil suits.

Egan’s suit alleges that misconduct occurred in Hawaii and Los Angeles when he was 17. The age of consent in Hawaii (at least currently) is actually 16 — in California it’s 18 — but Egan alleges that the sex was nonconsensual and in at least some cases involved the use of force.

Herman’s comments came in interviews Friday with HuffPost Live. Watch excerpts below.

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