Bryan Singer's Attorney: Accuser's Witnesses are 'Liars' (Exclusive)

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Bryan Singer

Michael Egan's attorney said witnesses will place Singer at 1999 Hawaii sex parties; Singer's attorney says they're "bold-face liar(s)," and reiterates that he has documents, as well as "over a hundred witnesses" to prove otherwise.

The lawyer for director Bryan Singer, who is accused by Michael Egan III, of forcible sexual abuse of a minor, fired back at Egan's counsel's claim that witnesses saw Singer at 1999 sex parties in Hawaii, where some of the abuse is alleged to have taken place.

"Any person who claims to be a witness to Bryan Singer being in Hawaii with Michael Egan is a bold-face liar," said Singer's lawyer Marty Singer (no relation). "My client was never with Mr. Egan in Hawaii during the time period alleged or at any other time. We have documentary evidence that proves Bryan wasn't there. Documents don't lie, people lie."

On Friday, Marty Singer said that he had credit card receipts, telephone records and production schedules showing that Singer was not in Hawaii -- and was mostly in Toronto working on the first X-Men movie -- when the parties attended by then-17-year-old Egan took place.

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Egan's attorney Jeff Herman responded, "I haven't seen anything he has. We will subpoena the [documents]."

"This was Bryan's first studio film," Marty Singer said Friday. "Clearly, he's not going to take a break in the middle of this movie while you're shooting and prepping it to go to Hawaii."

"We have spoken to several witnesses who will place Singer in Hawaii [at the parties] at these times," Herman said earlier. He would not say whether those witnesses saw the alleged sexual activity.

On Saturday night Marty Singer countered, "We also have over a hundred witnesses who can testify that my client was shooting a movie, and was not on Hawaii."

He also asserted, "There are very significant consequences when people lie under oath. Perjury is a crime. I can guarantee that if these anonymous witnesses ever come forward and are willing to testify under oath that I will prove them to be liars."

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Marty Singer also highlighted the fact that, as The Hollywood Reporter first reported, Egan sued the alleged hosts of a 1999 Los Angeles sex party but omitted Singer from his allegations then.

"Messrs. Egan and Herman still have not explained why Mr. Egan filed a virtually identical lawsuit nine months after these alleged incidents took place -- with his mother acting as his guardian -- and never even mentioned my client's name," said Marty Singer, "but he named four other defendants. Mr. Herman wouldn't let Mr. Egan answer that question at his press conference on Thursday because he has no explanation."

It's not quite accurate to say that the suits are "virtually identical," as an examination of the 2000 and 2014 complaints readily discloses. Indeed, the current suit alleges abuse at parties in both Los Angeles and Hawaii, whereas the 2000 suit makes allegations regarding Los Angeles only. Also, the 2000 suit was filed on behalf of three plaintiffs, whereas Egan alone filed the 2014 action.

Nonetheless, with respect to the Los Angeles allegations, the two suits do indeed appear to cover overlapping or perhaps identical time periods, the same location (an estate in Encino), similar acts, at least one incident in common (a reference to "gaydar" supposedly proving that the heterosexual Egan wanted gay sex), and some of the same alleged perpetrators -- except that, as Marty Singer states, director Bryan Singer isn't mentioned in the earlier, more contemporaneous document.

Both Herman and Egan's 2000 lawyer, Daniel Cheren, have declined to say why Singer wasn't named in the earlier suit.

"Bryan never acted inappropriately toward Mr. Egan," said Marty Singer. "All of his claims are lies."

Herman, a Florida lawyer specializing in sexual abuse cases nationwide, previously told THR he will be filing three more suits on Monday on behalf of Egan against other "Hollywood insiders." He also said that he has been hearing from other potential plaintiffs and is looking into their claims.

"The door is open now," he said. "If these investigations pan out, I will be filing many more cases for victims alleging they were sexually abused by Hollywood executives." Some of those investigations, Herman said, involve present-day activities.

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