Bryce Dallas Howard, Ron Howard Team for Canon Short Film

Bryce Dallas Howard Ron Howard split

Bryce will direct the collaboration, called "Project Imagin8ion."

Hollywood has a new power duo.

Ron Howard and daughter Bryce Dallas Howard will collaborate with Canon Cameras on a short film based on eight winning user-submitted photos. The images will serve as a narrative foundation for the short, called Project Imagin8ion. Ron will produce the project while Bryce, a Golden Globe-nominated actress, will direct.

When asked if he believes his daughter is ready for the role, Ron expressed full confidence in her abilities.

"She's produced a movie that Gus van Sant directed [Restless] and she's involved with scripts, writing scripts, not a lot of people know that she's moving in this direction," Ron tells The Huffington Post. "And I sent the idea out to her and her writing partner and they were just immediately thrilled by the proposition and the experimental nature of it."

Bryce is equally enthusiastic about the chance to work with her father, whose prolific career spans over half a century.

"I have a lot of reverence for him and what he's done in his career, and so I'm viewing this collaboration in part as an opportunity to learn from him and for him to closely mentor me in what I'm coming to understand as my aesthetic and voice," she says.

Bryce's ambition comes as no surprise to her father, who still recalls her childhood obsession with the film business.

"She was, at age 13, sort of like a PA on Apollo 13 and was running around giving people lunch orders, and at ten she was helping the caterers clean up afterwards and hanging out and they'd give her a walkie talkie and she'd help out at the production office," he reminisces.

Bryce agrees, adding, "It was really defining to get to be around those sets and particularly the crews when I was really young. And I was obsessed with it."

While the Howards share a mutual passion for their work, they plan to stay true to their different styles in their approach to the film.

"I think she is a little more visual than I am and I think that she, sort of, is driven by a sort of style that is a little bit different than mine,"  Ron admits, adding, "But, you know, I think we sort of share a desire to create performance opportunities for actors and to tell humanistic stories."