BSkyB Cuts Streaming Service Price


The cost to subscribe to NOW TV is closer to the amounts charged by Netflix and Amazon's LoveFilm.

LONDON -- U.K. satellite pay TV operator BSkyB, in which Rupert Murdoch's 21st Century Fox owns 39 percent, has reduced the cost to subscribe to its Internet streaming service, NOW TV, to a price close to those charged by rival services Netflix and Amazon's LoveFilm.

With the cut, NOW TV costs $14.50 (£8.99) a month to subscribe, down from $24 (£15) a month, and includes access to the extensive Sky Movies library.

Titles currently available to watch on NOW TV include Les Miserables, Vamp U, Flight and Argo.

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Netflix is priced at $9.68 (£5.99) per month while LoveFilm's basic online package costs the same.

The move is a clear signal that Sky is taking its Internet streaming competition seriously and wants to ensure it is in the game.

Sky will keep a close eye on whether or not its freshly priced service cannibalizes its other offerings.

Sky this week launched its NOW TV box, which allows consumers to access the streaming service without having a satellite dish.