BSkyB exec pleas for help with 3-D

O'Sullivan urges for 'quicker' setup in homes at NAB

LAS VEGAS -- Gerry O'Sullivan, director of strategic product development for U.K. broadcaster BSkyB, told the audience at the National Association of Broadcasters Show that they have a choice to continue to discuss 3-D or take the first step.

He urged them to get started.

"We can deliver 3-D to people's homes using the investment we have already made in broadcasting," he said Monday. "I think that should be the first step for 3-D in the home. I plead with you to help."

He urged set makers to build the sets and program makers to produce content. "In the technology community, make it simple," he said. "We can do this a lot quicker."

He added: "You don't need standards. We've got a standard: It's called HD."

Sky already has demonstrated 3-D TV broadcasting by sending encoded 3-D content out using Sky's digital satellite broadcast infrastructure. The home setup relies on a Sky+HD set-top box.

"Sky wants to make it simple, using the current infrastructure and set-top boxes that are already in 1 million homes," O'Sullivan said.

During his keynote, O'Sullivan introduced footage of a recently lensed 3-D production of "Swan Lake" from the English National Ballet and a clip from a recent performance by Keane at Abbey Road Studios, which was broadcast in 3-D by BSkyB as a test.

O'Sullivan also screened clips from a range of tests shot in 3-D, including material from a Liverpool-Marseille Champions League match, Sky1's "Gladiators" and a boxing match between Ricky Hatton and Juan Lazcano.
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