Bubba Smith's Death: Fans React

Warner Brothers/Courtesy Everett Collection

'Police Academy' becomes a Twitter trending topic after the actor's death is announced.

Police Academy and football star, Bubba Smith, was found dead in his Baldwin Hills home in Los Angeles Wednesday. The former NFL defensive lineman, who played Moses Hightower a florist who joined the police academy in the popular '80s films, was 66 and is believed to have died of natural causes.

STORY: Bubba Smith, Football Star and 'Police Academy' Actor, Dies

The outpouring of fans was so great after news of Smith's death broke that the term "Police Academy" became a national trending topic on Twitter.

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"How am I supposed to go on knowing that Hightower from the police academy movies is dead?" lamented Brad Stahl.

Twitter user McThicker wrote: "Bubba Smith died!? :-( Aww he was my favourite from Police Academy #RIP #Hightower"

"The streets will never be as safe. We're gonna miss you, Officer Hightower. #Police Academy" tweeted Robert Lowrie.

"Sad to hear that Bubba Smith passed away. My generation knew him beat from Police Academy movies; he seemed like a gentle giant. #Godspeed" said James Merllatt.

Newly-made Police Academy fan badachie said, "Having just recently watched all 7(!) Police Academy movies, I am inexplicably sad about Bubba Smith's

While long-time fan GeekMisconduct wrote: "Raising a glass to Bubba Smith tonight. Don't hate, I loved the Police Academy movies as a kid - saw #3 in theaters."

BelchSpeak took a more lighthearted approach, joking: "Dammit, There Goes Our Chances for Police Academy 16"

And Ray Olivera suggested a tribute idea, saying, "Lets all watch a Police Academy movie tonight #RIPHighTower"