Buckcherry's "Crazy Bitch" Song Cleared For Canada

Canadian broadcast censor rules the American rock band's racy girlfriend song does not demean all women.

TORONTO -- Canada’s radio censor has cleared American hard rock band Buckcherry to have its “Crazy Bitch” song freely play north of the border because it is not "aimed at womanhood.”

The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council, which referees the airwaves here on behalf of domestic broadcasters, said the “Crazy Bitch” song about an apparent crazy girlfriend contained lyrics that were not abusive to all women.

“…the song only referred to one particular woman rather than generalizing all women as 'crazy bitches,'" the CBSC panel wrote in its decision Wednesday.

The ruling followed a listener complaint received after “Crazy Bitch” was played on Ottawa station CKQB-FM in March 2011.

The Canadian censors focused on the song for lyrics like “You’re a crazy bitch/But you f**k so good, I’m on top of it/When I dream, I’m doing you all night/Scratches down my back to keep me right on."

The Canuck censors, underlining their pop culture cred, even added the song was “rumored to have been based on the well-publicized 2003 Paris Hilton sex tape.”